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Substance Use Prevention, Treatment & Management: Evidence-based Approaches (2 CE Hours)

Substance Use Prevention, Treatment & Management: Evidence-based Approaches (2 CE Hours)

  • Level: Intermediate
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Program Summary

This the short 2-hour session which provides instruction to staff who work with substance using and abusing clients. The program is in 2 parts with Part-1 examining the pharmacology of substances and alcohol and how they affect humans. Part-2 then take a look at evidence-based methods practitioners must apply to achieve desired outcomes.

The program also looks at co-occuring disorders and how they serve to further complicate work with clients.

The use of Evidence-based approaches in the prevention and treatment of substance use and abuse is supported by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as well as the National Institute of Drug Abuse. A great deal of research provides clear evidence to support the efficacy of using evidence-based practices over more intuitive approaches. 

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

The program is presented by a member of the 2003 SAMHSA Policy Academy for Co-occurring Disorders and covers the basic approaches for substance abuse prevention and treatment including use of evidence-based practices and support groups to enhance the skills and knowledge of practitioners in the field.  At the end of this training participants will, among other things, be able to;

  • Describe various drugs and substances clients consume and how they affect humans pharmacologically
  • Differentiate evidence-based methods from other methods to improve the prospects of success for their clients
  • Determine and apply prevention and intervention practices that are strength-centered for achieving better outcomes