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Price: $125.00

This program increases the skills of practitioners in applying strength-based, recovery-oriented treatment in both their work with clients and in their documentation. The training will give clarity to what is a deficit-based versus a strength-based approach as well as greatly increase individual practitioner skills for writing collaborative, recovery-oriented treatment plans that actually reflect the activities of the individual and the assistive counselor (team).

Traditionally treatment plans are written with an institutional approach, are prescriptive, and expert driven with behavioral objectives for one level of readiness. This method teaches how to write the objectives and matching interventions for the persons level of readiness.

This is a training on "Strength-based", recovery-oriented, stage-matched treatment planning. The plan is much more person centered with interventions targeting real issues. Measurement in the plan is based upon increasing levels of change versus prescibed numbers of performing a behavior.

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Participants will be in a position to successfully develop treatment plans with objectives and interventions that are tied directly to a person’s level of readiness for working on a goal.  Participants will also learns;

  • To identify the two treatment issues from each domain of a bio-psychosocial assessment
  • Determine their clients' level of readiness to work on those issues
  • Develop objectives (what the client does), and Interventions (what the clinician does) that match that level of readiness in a manner that increases the level of readiness toward recovery