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Price: $125.00

Managers and supervisors can spell excellence or otherwise for your agency. Their use of effective supervisory skills helps the agency produce desired outcomes for their clients while motivating their staff and lifting morale. This training is designed for persons new to supervision or has little or no formal supervisory or employee management training. It is also relevant for those who wish to acquire fundamental skills for achieving desired results with and through others.

Would you like to help your management team acquire skills for getting great outcomes - efficiently and cost-effectively? Or perhaps your interest is achieving more consistent results from your management team. Its an excellent workshop for quickly helping your team leaders, management and supervisory staff acquire core management training as they transition into their new roles - make them sink or swim!

Program Goals and Intended Outcomes

Conducted over one 2-hour session, participants will gain an understanding of key management concepts and fundamentals they can put to work immediately and enhance theirs and their team's performance. Skills learned are especially relevant for those new to managing people or who need a refresher on those essential skills.

Participants will be in a position to apply effective people skills for working with direct reports. Specifically, they will be in a position to learn;

  • To optimize team performance and increase results by applying Basic Management Principles
  • Key management functions and responsibilities and how they apply in practice
  • To understand what it entails to "join the management team"
  • Effective practices for enhancing moral and team confidence
  • Approaches for focusing on specifics to optimize results
  • Use effective follow-up to keep employees focused on department/team objectives, and much more.