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Price: $5,500.00

Staff (parts of the whole) undergo periodic employee evaluations, why not the organization (the whole)?

Initiate your organization's performance evaluation Report Card now. You would wonder why you didn't think to do that before!

Are you evidence-based, and strengths-centered? To what degree are you aligned with your intended outcomes?

Evaluations provide objective answers to these questions to help improve agency operations, manage resistance to change, and vehicles for communicating with internal and external stakeholders. With our expert personnel and software tools, we will unobtrusively project manage, gather and analyze data, and then provide an independent 3rd party report with recommendations to help you move confidently forward with data-driven decisions. There is no better time to begin the process.

We recommend periodic EB organizational reviews. To accomplish this data is gathered from staff using an online tool. We then utilize data gathered to assess the organization so as to produce a report on the degreee the agency is evidence-based, and make recommendations. An organization is then able to use the report for ensuring that decisions being made are data-driven as much as is possible.

As an independent evaluator we objectively assess work being done and examine the degree to which results line-up with your (and your funders') intended outcomes. We then produce a comprehensive report card reflecting our findings and make recommendations.

Our efforts focus on the five areas of evidence-based organizational development and effectiveness:

  1. Knowledge and use of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices.
  2.  Demonstration of effective organizational leadership.
  3. Understanding of organizational culture and use of organizational assessment.
  4. Utilization of effective strategic planning, performance measurement, and program evaluation.
  5. Ongoing efforts to enhance organizational capacity and sustainability.

Funders often require evaluation exercizes such as this to help them;

  • Determine the extent agencies they oversee are evidence-based
  • Utilize findings and recommendations in the design of data-driven funding strategies and initiatives, and
  • Disburse funds efficiently while insuring efforts are agency specific for targeted capacity building.

You could also use our reports to determine what on-site training and capacity building you need for shoring up operational gaps that may be hampering progress. Checkout insights from others below like you and how it benefitted them.

Because our report card process is designed and executed in alignment with basic evaluation principles, it benefits you in several ways. For instance:

  • Utility: Ensures you are collecting credible, useful and timely information. An effective evaluation helps you determine what is working and how. It also informs decision-making to address current realities, make needed adjustments, or discontinue an effort altogether
  • Feasibility: Prioritizes evaluation that is practical, cost-effective and politically viable
  • Propriety: Accounts for legal and ethical standards governing an evaluation process. Careful consideration is given for all involved and for others who might be impacted
  • Accuracy: Relates to the rigor of your evaluation plan, data collection methods and willingness to report the bad just as much as the good. Data gathered must be accurate to both be useful and ensure your organization’s credibility.

Once you make your purchase we will project manage in the following four steps with minimum onsite involvement.

  1. Using online tools, we will gather survey data from staff
  2. Survey data gathered will be analyzed
  3. A report will be produced based on data gathered
  4. Recommendations will be made based on analysis of data gathered