Leadership Certification (CEBL)

Price: $200.00

Certification for Evidence-Based Leadership (CEBL)

CEBL program is a structured curriculum of training and self-study followed with a take-home implementation project candidates must report back on. The CEBL program is designed for individuals who participate in the Evidence-Based Organization (EBO) Masterclass training. The process provides leadership and operations teams with a standard method to become Certified in Evidence-Based Leadership. In addition, participation in the training fulfills an organization's initial training requirement for beginning the process of Certification as an Evidence-Based Organization.

The CEBL program creates a progressive professional development vehicle and an outstanding opportunity for individuals to become highly knowledgeable and skilled in evidence-based organizational leadership and management. Finally, it recognizes the abilities and accomplishments these professionals have demonstrated in the area of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices.

Purpose of Certification & Eligibility

The Certification program;

  1. recognizes and advances the capabilities of leadership and their agencies
  2. enables participants to become part of a nationwide network of professionals devoted to improving their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, and
  3. enhances the performance of their agencies and organizations, and
  4. aids in the recruitment and retention of skilled and talented staff members.

Becoming a CEBL is open to all leadership who meets the minimum educational/work requirements, is currently employed, or is seeking employment at a human, social, or justice services agency, or other behavioral and mental health organization emphasizing evidence-based approaches.

Certification requires a combination of face-to-face training; some required and recommended reading; and successful completion of the required EB project. Once certified, CEBL's are required to continue their education and professional development, and renew their certification every 2 years.

Re-certification requires a combination of face-to-face and/or online training stipulated at time of renewal, along with submission of a satisfactorily written documentation of their EB projects and activities.


How long does it take to complete the CEBL program certification?
However long it takes to complete the requirements depending on individual circumstance. Most combine credits earned online, and at our live conferences, onsite training conducted at their agency, or provide proof of some other EB training they have received. In the next 2 months we will incorporate the option to earn credit for EB implementation project individuals engage in.

What are the certification training guidelines and investment requirements?

Minimum Requirements

  • 20 Continuing Education Training Hours earned through the 3-Day face-to-face conference/workshop training or at your location
  • Implementation of a project assignment back at the participants' office
  • Submit a report on your implementation to the certification commission


Candidates who complete the requirements are recognized as having earned heir Certification in Evidence-Based Leadership (CEBL), and are recognized in our community of evidence-based professionals and online on the EBP Society (ebpsociety.org) website and in literature produced and distributed.

What is the cost of certification?

The application fee of $200. (If purchased while registering to attend a conference and masterclass, participants receive an automatic $45 discount).

What else do I get with my certification?

Fee paid also confers EBPSociety membership for 2 years.

Where are the personal attendance requirements fulfilled beyond the online participation?
Personal attendance is at our annual Fall and Spring conferences held in October in April. The proctored review sessions takes place at the conferences. Some agencies choose to bring the training and certification program onsite to their location.