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Motivational Interviewing: Core Skills eBook

Durable Change Through Intrinsic Motivation By Mark M. Lowis, LMSW, MINT, CEBP


8-Pack Bundle/Season (Evidence-Based Training Webcasts)

Take a deep dive into evidence-based learning with our webcast series package #1. Build your own bundle of 20 hours training. Plus earn 18 CU credits upon completion. Save $105 when you purchase 8-Pack Bundle of evidence-based webcasts.


16 Pack-Bundle-Season (Evidence-Based Training Webcasts)

Get on the fast track to success with our Live Evidence-Based Webinars Series Season package. 16 Courses plus earn as much as 28 CE Training Hours credits upon completion. Buy the entire season bundle for everyone on your team, and SAVE over $300 over individual courses!


LEADERSHIP Certification Application & Re-Certification FEES Only


The Certification in Evidence-Based Leadership (CEBL) program is a structured curriculum of training and self-study which provide an outstanding vehicle for professional leadership development.


Organization Certification (CEBO)


Pay application fee here to initiate your Certified Evidence-Based Organization (CEBO) processing. You will receive and email with details on next steps, an account manager will be assigned who will contact you within 24 - 36 hours.


EB Program Module Review

Pay for training modules to be reviewed. 

Our review service enables agencies to have their training program modules reviewed through an independent 3rd party evaluation to determine degree the program adheres to evidence-based frameworks. Following the review process, a report is then generated detailing observations made, the degree to which said program is evidence-based, along with recommendations for advancing it so it is evidence-based.


EBO Report Card

Staff (parts of the whole) undergo periodic employee evaluations, why not the organization (the whole)?

Initiate your organization's performance evaluation Report Card now. You would wonder why you didn't think to do that before!


Momentum Series Tees

Black Bella+Canvas Unisex Jersey "TAKE BACK MOMENTUM" Short Sleeve Tees

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