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Motivational Interviewing: Making Sense of Client Resistance (2 CE Hours)

Motivational Interviewing: Making Sense of Client Resistance (2 CE Hours)

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:
  • Price: $ 100.00

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Program Summary

All professionals experience some degree of "rejection" in working with their customers. Many of them fail or produce minimal results at best because of what I call "attitude errors". Because they mis-read and mis-handle the "rejection", they loose sales and ultimately loose their jobs. On the other hand, the practitioner who recognizes rejection and handles it for what it is, gets desired outcomes almost effortlessly.

In much the same way human services professionals fail or succeed to the extent we are able to recognize and effectively address our clients' "resistance" when we encounter it.

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Clients' persistent behavior that is self deafeating offers challenges many are ill-equipped to handle. How these challenges are handled in many cases exercebate the problem not solve it.

Participants will learn to understand clients' resistance, why it makes sense and what to make of it. They will also learn to actually want and "invite" resistance! They will gain an appreciation for resistance and learn to use it to achieve desired outcomes.