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Co-Occurring, Dual Disorder Treatment (4 CE Hours)

Co-Occurring, Dual Disorder Treatment (4 CE Hours)

  • Level: Advanced
  • Duration:
  • Price: $ 100.00

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Program Summary

Research demonstrates that persons with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders occur more often than not. Yet, our treatment approach is developed as if this is a rare circumstance. To effectively treat persons with co-occurring disorders it is necessary to expect persons to have dual disorders and treat them in one location, by one person or team of persons, in a welcoming and hopeful approach.

For systems to achieve a high level of effective treatment for persons with co-occurring disorders a systems change effort is required. The Comprehensive, Continuous Integrated System of Care (CCISC, Minkoff and Cline) is the most widely known change strategy. Through this change activity, co-occurring capable and co-occurring advanced treatment can be developed.

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

This course takes a foundational look at the prevalence of co-occurring disorders, how risk is increased when both disorders co-occur and effective approaches for managing clients. We will also take a look at;

  • Integrated treatment as a norm
  • Definition of co-occurring tx
  • CCISC as a model for Change
  • Co-occurring capable and Co-occurring Advanced skills/treatment
  • Motivational Interventions