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Although many contemporary agencies and organizations have sought to become more evidence-based, through implementing certified or model programs and practices, becoming a comprehensive Evidence-Based Organization (EBO) is not as simple as adopting a curriculum, strategy, or service that is supported by scientific research findings. Rather, the path from obtaining and using evidence-based knowledge, to fuller implementation and evaluation, and eventually to becoming a full-fledged EBO, typically is lengthy and complex.

This process presents ongoing cycles of learning, understanding, implementation, evaluation, and adjustment that eventually become engrained parts of the organization culture. When this occurs, EBO’s have been found to exhibit some common characteristics

  • Effective integration of evidence-based policies, programs, practices, principles, and management techniques
  • Organizationally shared vision, mission, goals, and objectives
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Organizational culture that embraces learning and innovation
  • Enhanced internal and external communication and collaboration
  • Decision-making guided by data and scientific evidence
  • Emphasis on professional development of staff
  • Clients are held accountable, but their behavioral success is viewed as the primary goal of the organization

To reach this level of EBO functioning and effectiveness, research indicates there are five key areas of organizational development that must be pursued. These five areas provide the framework for becoming a Certified Evidence-Based Organization (CEBO) through Joyfields Institute for Evidence-Based Professionals:

  • Knowledge and use of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices
  • Demonstrating effective leadership
  • Organizational culture and assessment
  • Strategic planning, performance measurement, and program evaluation
  • Building capacity and sustainability

Organizations in the program enjoy the following advantages:

Evidence-based benefits: Evidence-based standards generate data that can be used in day-to-day leadership and management. Certified agencies will find it easier to gain funding and stakeholder support, recruit and retain qualified and skilled personnel. Organizational decision-making also will be guided by solid data and research evidence.

Establishment of measurable criteria for improving operations: Through the certification process agencies continuously review policies, programs, and practices and can make identified improvements when deficiencies are recognized.

Enhanced staff morale and professionalism: Certifications are awarded to highly proficient agencies and organizations that embrace evidence-based approaches. Staff of these organizations typically experience higher job satisfaction and morale.

Improved Training: Certification will require written policy and procedures to establish evidence-based training and professional development for agency personnel. The professional growth of employees is viewed as a key aspect of becoming and maintaining a CEBO

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Duration: 2 years
Price: $9,000.00