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Certified Evidence-Based Practitioner

The Evidence-Based Practitioner Certification (CEBP) program provides an outstanding vehicle for professional development. It helps individuals become highly knowledgeable and skilled in the common elements of evidence-based approaches. 

The CEBP program recognizes and advances the performance level of practitioners. It also aids in the recruitment and retention of skilled and talented staff members who become part of a nationwide network of professionals devoted to improving their effectiveness and enhancing the performance of their agencies and organizations.

It is offered via 3 channels;

  1. as an online on-demand offering
  2. at our annual pathways conferences and masterclass workshops, and
  3. scheduled as a private program by agencies for their employees

An essential part of the certification is our comprehensive online self-paced course to help the participant prepare for a successful career in human services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Duration: 2 years
Price: $495.00