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Certification in Evidence-Based Leadership

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The Certification in Evidence-Based Leadership (CEBL) program is a system of training, self-study, and implementation planning designed to provide leadership and agency operational teams with a standardized approach to achieving evidence-based organizational excellence, and become credentialed in the process.

(For agencies interested in  becoming certified evidence-based organizations, participation in the training is a requirement).

Our certification program;

  1. recognizes and advances the capabilities of leadership and their agencies
  2. enables professionals to become part of a nationwide network of professionals devoted to improving their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness
  3. enhances the performance of their agencies and organizations, and
  4. aids in the recruitment and retention of skilled and talented staff members.

The program is offered via 3 channels;

  1. as an online on-demand offering
  2. at our annual pathways conferences and masterclass workshops, and
  3. scheduled as a private program by agencies for their employees

An essential part of the program is our comprehensive online self-paced course designed to help participants acquire the skills for building and sustaining an evidence-based organization or program evidence-based approaches will thrive at - even after initial funding has stopped, or staff move on.

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Duration: 2 years
Price: $695.00