CEBL program is a structured curriculum of training and self-study followed with a take-home implementation project candidates must report back on. The CEBL program is designed for individuals who participate in the Evidence-Based Organization (EBO) Masterclass training. The process provides leadership and operations teams with a standard method to become Certified in Evidence-Based Leadership. In addition, participation in the training fulfills an organization's initial training requirement for beginning the process of Certification as an Evidence-Based Organization.

Our certification program;

  1. recognizes and advances the capabilities of leadership and their agencies
  2. enables professionals to become part of a nationwide network of professionals devoted to improving their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness
  3. enhances the performance of their agencies and organizations, and
  4. aids in the recruitment and retention of skilled and talented staff members.

Requirements & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Duration: 2 years
Price: $500.00