Evidence-Based Associate Certification Masterclass

PLEASE NOTE: With this purchase you are applying to become certified as an Evidence-Based Associate, and also to gain access to the required online and live training resources. Certification is granted after requirements shown below have been satisfied.
Candidates will have 90-days within which to complete the requirements.
The Evidence-Based Associate Certification (EBAC) is a structured curriculum of training and self-study credentialing procedure established to prepare individuals for a career in human, social and justice services. It also aids in the recruitment and retention of skilled and talented staff members who become part of a nationwide network of professionals devoted to improving their effectiveness and enhancing the performance of their agencies and organizations.
Required Steps

Satisfy Minimum Certification Requirements Shown Below

Following are the requirements to received Certification.

Initial Application & Assessment -  Complete an initial application and a pre-certification assessment    

15 Continuing Education Training Hours - earned by participating in our programs via various channels including programs offered via stand-alone or a combination of live in-person sessions onsite or a virtual platform.

5 hours - earned through combined hours of required reading and online eLearning training on Evidence-based content

5 Hours - earned by participating in a live required Facilitated Review/Exam

Complete Intra-course Exercises & Complete Post Course Debrief - Candidates must Complete Intra-course Exercises & Complete Post Course Debrief required during the training sessions - online or in-person. 

Yes / Provisional Certification - A Yes, or Provisional determination will be made about certification eligibility. If a "Yes" declaration is NOT made you will receive guidance on next steps to help you achieve the goals of full certification.

Full Certification - Candidates who complete the requirements are recognized as having earned their Evidence-Based Associate Certification (CEBA), and are recognized in our community of evidence-based professionals online on the EBP Society (ebpsociety.org) website, plus official documentation recipients may access online as needed.

What are requirements for Re-certification?


Required Reading
Recommended Reading
Motivational interviewing: Helping people change, 3rd edition. William R. Miller
Required Webinars
Online Self-paced On-Demand Course
Complete Intra-course Exercises
Complete Post Course Exam
Attend Scheduled Live Post-Course Debrief with Faculty
Gain Faculty Approval
Receive Certification
Duration: 90 days
Price: $300.00