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You landed on this page because you accomplished something important!

That's right, you completed;

(1) all your Human Services Certification Masterclass sessions,

(2) passed all your quizzes, and

(3) aced the final exam as well. PHEW!!

You worked really very hard, and you will find in the long run that it was worth it. In our experience, nothing worthwhile is easy. It takes effort and persistence, and you did it! CONGRATULATIONS!

Ok next steps to wrap up...

  1. You will have received an email with instructions on how to download your "Certificate of Completion" signifying that you completed the masterclass successfully.
    PLEASE NOTE: The "certificate of completion" is NOT your certification.

  2. Later you will be invited to a live Faculty Certification Debrief Session where you will meet with an instructor and certifier. Please be prepared to answer questions on the material you studied in your course.

  3. Following the debrief session a determination will be made to approve or disapprove your certification. 

If you feel you need a refresher, please log back into the course and study some more to be ready!

Finally, please ensure that we have your working email address. It is the same where your invitation will be sent - Hooray!!!

Thank you for persisting...