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Evidence-Based Practitioner Masterclass (With Optional Certification)

Evidence-Based Practitioner Masterclass (With Optional Certification)

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:
  • Price: $ 295.00

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This program teaches skills in the common elements of evidence-based approaches practitioners and client-facing teams must prioritize for helping clients in their care to acquire or strengthen their ability to perform critical life functions they may have “lost”. They are essential in any life domain for helping recipients of services to incrementally improve versus “punishing” or "rehabilitating".

The common elements in EB approaches shift practice from diagnostic, problem, and clinically driven approaches to “partnering” as an advanced skill. “Partnering” is a term that operationalizes a deeper knowledge and skillful application of sophisticated facilitation skills by the practitioner. This moves the skills of the practitioner beyond expert knowledge of disorders and their remedies, to a level of facilitation that enables the person being served to benefit from the contact moment - in any method, program, or practice.

Program Learning Goals & Objectives
Participants in the program will receive formal education in how to help their clients regain or strengthen their ability to perform critical life functions necessary to thrive in any life domain and ultimately be skillful in the application of evidence based and strength centered approaches. Participants in this program will be placed in a position to.

  1. Identify the common elements in “evidence-based” practices
  2. Demonstrate the ability to perform Strength-Based Strategies
  3. Demonstrate Evidence Based Interventions for each of the 3 differing levels of readiness
  4. Complete the process for “Evidence Based Practitioner” certification

* Participants may choose to become (or not) certified as an evidence-based practitioner (CEBP).

  • Masterclass on-demand course
  • Short introductory webinar
  • EB resource ebook
  • Online resources 24/7 access
  • Certificate of completion, and
  • Expert coaching with Professional Certification

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* NOTE: Includes expert faculty support and coaching to help you earn your Certification as an Evidence-Based Practitioner (CEBP).

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