Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" | MI Day (10/21/2021) | CE Training Hours: 7

OCTOBER 21st, 2021 (MI-DAY)

Take it back with this full-day event!

This program is a full-day event that begins with a general session and then splits into two tracks. While Track-1 is focused on fundamental skills for persons new to MI, or wish to refresh their expertise in MI skills, Track-2 on the other hand focuses on specific essential skills for those who may be "More Tenured" in MI skills and want to develop more advance skills.

Participants have the opportunity to acquire core skills as well as advance understanding and skills for intrinsic motivation proven very effective for addressing change issues

Interface and network with experts and peers with varied yet related backgrounds and experiences all can benefit from.

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Professional Certification: Training hours credits earned may be allied toward certification, or potentially meet other professional licensing and continuing education requirements.


General Session: Current & Emerging Trends in the Remote & Onsite Blended Workforce: Challenges Practice
Track-1: Motivational Interviewing: Core Skills for Working Onsite &/or Remote *
Delivered in Four (4) 90-minute Sessions for "New & Less Tenured" professionals.

Track-2: Motivational Interviewing: Advance Skills *

Delivered in Four (4) 90 Minute Sessions on "Finding & Using Intrinsic Motivation". Designed for "More Tenured" professionals, and others wanting to raise their game.

  • How to Engage Recipients of Service In Dialog To Form The Assistive/Collaborative Relationship
  • Advance Use of The Decisional Balance
  • Effective Use of The Decisional Balance Worksheet To Develop Discrepancy & Workout Behaviors to Match Goals
  • Making Sense of Resistance
  • Using Accurate Empathy to Create A Place of Safety For Clients In Your Care To Describe Their Ambivalence

* Participants are Free to move between sessions during the breaks




Delivered in Four (4) 90-Minute Sessions for "New & Less Tenured" 

Enduring client change is achievable through Motivational Interviewing (MI). MI is the powerful evidence-based method for engaging intrinsic client motivation. Clinical trials on use of MI in all areas of treatment abound with substantial outcomes for creating sustainable change in maladaptive behaviors far beyond compliance.

MI is proven to be fully compatible with various approaches as a method that helps people resolve ambivalence toward change through discovery of intrapersonal fuel by placing complete responsibility for change on the individual. MI is a must have method in your toolkit.

The method is proven to be fully compatible with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Moral Reconation Therapy, Therapeutic Community, and various other approaches as a method that helps people resolve ambivalence toward change through discovery of intrapersonal motivation by placing complete responsibility for change on the individual.

Program Goals and Objectives

With public and private agencies under increased scrutiny to deliver on promises through evidence based practices, executives must evaluate practices, techniques and programs to improve results and financial outcomes. Motivational Interviewing has applications in various settings giving staff skills to help their clients succeed through appropriate evidence based practices.

This program teaches foundational concepts, strategy and techniques involved in MI and how it can be developed and utilized dynamically in targeted settings. It is excellent for staff with little or no knowledge of the MI approach as well as those already implementing the model. Joyfields Institute MI programs are taught through presentations, video examples, instructor modeling, and practice breakout activities.

Participants will recognize that many of the techniques are part of their current practice. With that recognition and the training, they will be able to begin using the techniques with more effectiveness and added fidelity to the model.



Delivered in Four (4) 90-Minute Sessions for "More Tenured" professionals, and others wanting to raise their game and produce even better outcomes. It is focused on "Finding & Using Intrinsic Motivation". 

Sesison-1: Find & Use Motivation With Resistant People: How To Engage Recipients Of Service In Dialog To Form The Assistive/Collaborative Relationship

The next 5 sessions today and tomorrow within this breakout track (Individual Motivation) leverages motivational interviewing skills as a key method for engaging recipients of services to achieve uncommon outcomes. It is intended to increase the participants practitioner skills for developing rapport as the tool for change. It includes practice exercises on using facilitation skills in the process of engaging the recipient in three evidence-based interventions. Participants will be in a position to learn skills for;

• Forming the assistive/collaborative relationship
• Preserving the assistive/collaborative relationship
• Emphasizing Choice and Control
• Exploring the Decisional Balance
• Autonomy

Using triad exercises, participants will learn to engage recipients of service in dialog to form the assistive/collaborative relationship.

Sesison-2: Find & Use Motivation (Mi): Effective Use Of The Decisional Balance Worksheet To Develop Discrepancy & Workout Behaviors To Match Goals

This segment is intended to increase the participant’s ability to use advanced facilitation skills to assist recipients in the completion of an evidenced based intervention for solving ambivalence. The 4 quadrant Decisional Balance worksheet is used in exercises to develop discrepancy in working toward goals.

While this conference offers several opportunities for focused study and applications for motivation enhancing methods, this presentation will deliver the fundamental elements of Motivational Interviewing for someone new to MI or needing a refresher. The participant will learn the Spirit, Principles, and techniques, as well as how to elicit and strengthening change talk and developing a change plan. These techniques will be demonstrated in case work that is familiar to the participant.

Sesison-3: Find & Use Motivation: Advance Use Of The Decisional Balance Worksheet In Developing Discrepancy & Facilitate Discussions

This segment is intended to increase the participant’s ability to use advanced facilitation skills to assist a recipient in using the assistive/collaborative relationship for weighing and considering change by examining and comparing behaviors to outcomes.

Participants in this session will learn to demonstrate accurate empathy and facilitate discussion of pros and cons of changing vs not changing compared to goal. They will also be in a position to learn motivational interviewing skills for;
• Evocation
• Complex Reflections
• Compassion
• Autonomy
Affirmation-support efficacy, among other skills

Sesison-4: Find & Use Motivation: Making Sense Of Resistance

This segment is intended to advance the participants ability to avoid therapy interfering attitudes and behaviors that result when recipient resistance is encountered and be able to address and resolve resistance using evidence-based interventions and facilitation skills using two supported exercises.

Participants in this session will be in a position to learn approaches for addressing resistant clients by learning;
• How to emphasize choice and control and remain in the assistive/collaborative relationship
• Skills for evocation to discover what the resistance is for
• To avoid confronting, lecturing, scolding, etc.
• Avoid emotional blackmail/dosing with reality
• To use Readiness Ruler, and much more


This exercise is intended to provide the participant with the opportunity to put into practice all of the learning objectives from Day I and Day two in an exercise that allows the use of the skills covered in the training in a manner that provides feedback and coaching to strengthen and build on competency.

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Event Details

Event Date 10/21/2021
Event End Date 10/21/2021
Cut off date 10/22/2021
Individual Price $100.00
Speaker EB Faculty Team. See Program Agenda.
Number Hours 20
Location Online Event

Group Rate

#Registrants Rate/Person ($)
4 75.00