Evidence-Based "PATHWAYS" | EB Practitioner Day (10/20/2021) | Training Hours CE: 7


OCTOBER 20th, 2021 


Event Agenda-At-A-Glance

This session is focused on skills for Case Management, Care Coordination, Family Engagement, Counseling & Supervision. These are the evidence-based practitioner skills characterized as essential elements common to most domains that must be applied for effective and evidence-based services delivery.

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This program is a full day. Participants will receive unique links they must use to access participate in this session when the time comes.

Interface and network with experts and peers with varied yet related backgrounds and experiences all can benefit from.

Professional Certification: Training hours credits earned may be allied toward certification, or potentially meet other professional licensing and continuing education requirements. 


Program Summary

This program is formal education for professionals in human, social and justice services fields. It teaches skills in the common elements of evidence-based approaches that practitioners must prioritize for helping clients they serve to acquire or strengthen their ability to perform critical life functions they may have “lost”. These are essential skills in any life domain for helping recipients of services to incrementally improve - versus “punishing” or "rehabilitating".

The common elements in EB approaches shift practice from diagnostic, problem and clinically driven approaches to “partnering” as an advanced skill. “Partnering” is a term that operationalizes a deeper knowledge and skillful application of sophisticated facilitation skills by the practitioner. This moves the skills of the practitioner beyond expert knowledge of disorders and their remedies, to a level of facilitation that enables the person being served to benefit from the contact moment - in any method, program or practice.

This course is taught in 10 modules where each is designed to build on the other to advance professional skills.

Participants in this workshop are placed in a position to;

  • Learn approaches that are essential in helping recipients of their services regain and/or strengthen abilities they already possess
  • Understand the framework of common elements in evidence-based skills for case management, care coordination, counseling & supervision.
  • Become more skillful in the application of evidence based and strength centered approaches.

Tools, editable forms, other resources for your use back home.

Join us and learn from some of the best in the field.


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Event Date 10/20/2021
Event End Date 10/20/2021
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