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Providing Trauma-Informed Care Services (PRIVATE PROGRAM / Milwaukee Health Dept.) - CE Training Hours-6

Trauma is one of the drivers for the way a person responds to various activities in a dialog. Often the behavior driven from a trauma informed response appears to be pejorative, and an intuitive practitioner often misjudges, confronts, advises, teaches or holds the person accountable.

Such approaches lack understanding of the recipient’s experiences and responses and may re-injure and be further traumatic or worsen their ability to benefit from intervention.
The use of any evidence-based practice is founded in the principle of “Attunement”.

For any behavior change issue, from engagement through participation, improvements in health behaviors, or changes in any life domain, the practitioner is most effective if the first goal is to understand how the person works the world from drives that originated long before supports and services were sought.


Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

This training program teaches participants skills for avoiding an intuitive response that re-injures and strengthens resistance. Trauma-informed care and interventions are designed specifically to address the consequences of trauma in order to facilitate healing. This program will help participants learn to recognize the;

• The survivor's need to be respected, informed, connected and hopeful regarding their own recovery

• The interrelation between trauma and symptoms of trauma

• The need to work in a collaborative way with survivors, family, and friends of the survivor, and other human services agencies in a manner that will empower survivors and consumers

In this training participants will be in a position to learn how the can adapt to the way in which trauma effects the person receiving services in order to create a therapeutic alliance that is assistive and collaborative for the purpose of ameliorating symptoms and conditions that interfere with functioning.


Event Properties

Event Date 06/14/2020
Event End Date 06/14/2020
Cut off date 06/17/2020
Individual Price Free
Speaker Mark Lowis, MINT, LMSW, CEBP
Number Hours 6
Location Milwaukee, WI
We are no longer accepting registration for this event.