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Evidence-Based Masterclass Conference Starter Kit

$200 Off Conference Registration + Exclusive Resources

EBO Masterclass Starter Pack

If you have even a smidgen of interest for attending the Joyfields Evidence-Based Masterclass in April, you'll want to access this conference starter pack. Here's what you get over the next week when you fill out the form.

  • $200 Off 3 Day Masterclass Event
  • Exclusive Webinar | What does it mean to be evidence-based?
  • Evidence-Based Learning Mini-eBook
  • Conference Agenda PDF
  • Hotel Discount Details

Evidence-Based Organization Masterclass Conference Details

Theme: Tested Approach, Proven Results - Top Strategy & Tactics Revealed

Summary: If you wondered what it takes to be an organization clients seek out, funders want to fund, and stakeholders rave about, wonder no more!

Teams: Pay as low as $795 ea. ($595 with early registration discounts where applicable.)

"I'd like to express my sincere appreciation to Joyfields Institute. With their help, we have raised the level of service to those we supervise by providing better rehabilitative opportunities, increasing public safety, and accountability to victims. it has allowed our department to set a standard in our county for policy development and program procurement." - J. Keene, County of San Mateo Probation

Evidence Based Masterclass Bonus Resources

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