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Becoming An Evidence-Based Organization

Developing Leadership & Organizational Growth.

Ebook by David L. Myers, PhD.

Book Summary

Evidence-based policies, programs, and practices have emerged as expected (and sometimes required) approaches to processing and treating juvenile and adult offenders. The use of evidence-based interventions, however, must be incorporated effectively into justice system operations and services for successful outcomes to occur.

This monograph (book) are meant to aid those persons who work in and around the criminal and juvenile justice systems and are interested in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their individual agencies or court system. It focuses on demonstrating leadership and understanding organizational culture and growth as key initial aspects of becoming an evidence-based organization.

This comprehensive strategy is based on the premise that current justice system operations are flawed, but they are redeemable through enhanced leadership, planning, and evaluation approaches that can be integrated effectively with evidence-based policies, programs, and practices.

David L. Myers P.hD., Professor & Director, Ph.D. Program, University of New Haven, and Author, "How to Become an Evidence-based Organization".

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