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How Would An Organization-Wide Assessment Benefit Yours?

Schedule a free consultation and explore how this pathway forward could help your evidence-based organization strengthen the foundations for growth.

Our Evidenced-Based Consulting Process

1. Data Collection

We'll send a survey to your staff for data collection, as part of our discovery process.

2. Data Analysis

Once completed, we'll review and evaluate the individual submissions and collection of survey results.

3. Data Report

After data analysis is completed, we'll compile the results into a digestible report of which recommendations will be compiled.

4. Recommendations

Based on the collection, analysis, and survey report, our experts we'll compile a list of recommendations for your evidence-based organization.

The Data, Report, & Recommendations Focus

Five Areas Of Evidence-Based Organizations
  1. Knowledge and use of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices.
  2. Demonstration of effective organizational leadership.
  3. Understanding of organizational culture and use of organizational assessment.
  4. Utilization of effective strategic planning, performance measurement, and program evaluation.
  5. Ongoing efforts to enhance organizational capacity and sustainability.

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