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Learn What Certification in Evidence-Based Leadership Means

Evidence Based Practitioner Certificate

The Certification in Evidence-Based Leadership (CEBL) program is a structured curriculum of training and self-study followed with a take-home implementation project which candidates must report back on. Designed for individuals who participate in the Evidence-Based Organization (EBO) Masterclass training, the process provides leadership and operations teams with a standard method to become Certified in Evidence-Based Leadership. Participation in the training also helps to fulfill an organization's initial training requirement for entering the process of Certification as an Evidence-Based Organization (EBO).

By completing the form on this page, you'll receive the following information and resources to help you explore the depth and benefits of becoming a certified practitioner. 

  • Purpose of Certification and Eligibility
  • About The Certification Process
  • A Minimum Requirements Outline
  • List & Link of Required and Recommended Readings
  • Re-certification Details

If you're planning on attending our EB Pathways Conference and Masterclass, we highly recommend getting certified during the conference...

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