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CBT: Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Skills Fundamentals (2 CE Hours)

CBT: Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Skills Fundamentals (2 CE Hours)

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:
  • Price: $ 100.00

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Program Summary

A cognitive-behavioral approach is a foundational model for working with clients demonstrating behaviors which contradict their desired outcomes.

This course looks at the Behavioral and Cognitive components separately as well as how they both work together to prevent and treat self defeating behaviors while helping clients develop pro-social replacements that are conducive to realizing goals and objectives.

Predominantly a knowledge transfer, this webinar aims to familiarize participants with the concepts and key elements of this evidence-based practice to enhance staff efficacy in helping their clients successfully achieve desired outcomes, prevent recidivism and minimize the propensity for relapse.

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes
Participants will;

  • Learn key components of CBT and Identify/describe core cognitive structures that are the focus of CBT
  • Identify/describe core processes of CBT, vehicles and dynamics through which cognitive structures are expressed that define the action focus of CBT
  • Learn how it applies in youth settings
  • Understand pathways to relapse, the process of recidivism and how to prevent them
  • Be in a position to help clients develop a relapse prevention plan