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What It Means To Become an Evidence-Based Organization

What It Means To Become an Evidence-Based Organization

  • Level: Beginner
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  • Price: $ 100.00
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Program Summary

You hear terms like evidence-based programs, or methods, policies, or perhaps management and so on. Many use these terms arbitrarily without regard for what it really means. This is a brief program designed to teach the basics on what all these terms stand for and what being evidence-based means.

What You'll Learn...

  • To get clear on what it means to be evidence-based
  • How to meet key requirement funders and stakeholders have that's likely to jeopardize your future funding streams if not addressed now, and
  • The approach YOU too can use to become evidence-based even if YOU don't have funding!

This program is taught by David Myers, Professor and Ph.D Program Director, University Of New Haven. Dr. Myers also wrote the book, "Becoming An Evidence-Based Organization: Demonstrating Leadership & Organizational Growth", published by Joyfields Institute.